As a new mom, I found weaning incredibly stressful —

And messy!

The mess drove me insane and I just couldn’t relax into weaning one little bit. If I wasn’t worrying about what my daughter was eating, I’d be stressing about how much of it was ending up on my floor, down the sides of the highchair and all over her baby clothes.
I just dreaded mealtimes, changing her outfits after every meal, the stained clothes and the 20 minute clean-up operation when we finished.

Nothing existed on the market, so in a desperate attempt to save my sanity (and my carpet!), I set about creating a practical solution to the problem of messy weaning myself! Armed with some chopsticks, a muslin square and some sticky tape (I kid you not!) I developed my very first prototype.

We’ve come a long way since then, developing and improving countless versions of the original Tidy Tot Bib & Tray Kit as well as extending the range to cover toddler feeding with our Long Length Coverall Bibs and mealtimes on the go with our new Disposable Coverall Bib, the only long sleeve disposable bib on the market. These new products come from our commitment to embracing the mess of mealtimes whilst finding solutions to contain it! They are in response to our loyal customers who have found the Tidy Tot Bib & Tray Kit to be an invaluable weaning product they couldn’t live without, and now with the new products in our range, we can support them throughout their whole weaning journey.

There is not one part of our Tidy Tot products which have not been tried and tested by parents and we never stop listening to customer feedback to make sure our products are the best that they can be.

Multi-Award Winning

Fast forward just a couple of years and we are so proud of the many awards that we have won since launch, not to mention a rapidly growing list of retailers including some of the biggest names in the business.

But it’s the feedback we get from parents that makes it all worthwhile – so let us know how you’re getting along!

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