Advantages of Messy Playtime

Let’s Get Creative!

Research shows the developmental benefits of creative and messy play for baby, right from the early months when they become more aware of the world around them. Messy play can also be a huge amount of fun for your baby as they explore various textures, materials and sensations, but it is sometimes difficult to embrace the mess involved!

The great news is that the Tidy Tot Bib & Tray Kit also doubles up as the perfect platform for messy play! The coverall bib fully protects clothing from paints and spills while the tray provides a secure, self-contained (and wipe clean!) surface, keeping any mess off the floor and ensures clean-up is a snap.

Bib and Tray Playtime
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Creative Play Ideas From Tidy Tot

Toddler Bib Outside

Experts agree that children learn primarily through play, but especially through exploratory and unstructured play. Play that incorporates rich, textural and sensory experience is known to support cognitive and language development as well as promoting the development of hand to eye coordination and fine motor skills which are essential for writing.

Messy play focuses on exploring and experimenting with different materials which builds confidence and decision-making, allowing children to make their own discoveries.

We have a few creative, messy ideas for you to try at home — and clean up is a breeze with our range of long-length full-cover bibs.

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