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As a mom of three I know weaning kids can be a daunting task. The floors are a mess, the prep and clean-up are a chore, and I swear our Golden Retriever has gained 10 pounds this month! I started to collect tips and ideas from different bloggers and authors and write a few of my own, along with developing our gear that helps keep things a little easier when it comes to clean-up. Enjoy our content, and if you’d like to contribute we’d love to hear from you!

BLW 101

If you’ve heard of Baby Led Weaning you are a step ahead! Also called Baby Self-Feeding, here is when to start, different transition theories, and how to keep it neat!

Sensory Weaning

Sensory Weaning is a new term given to describe the learning experience of transitioning from milk to solid foods while stimulating all of your baby’s senses.

Expert’s Thoughts

Take a look at some wit and wisdom from few experts on self-feeding who offer suggestions on getting started and how to let your baby lead the way.

Exploring Food

Getting started with weaning

If you are just starting the self-feeding journey, Tidy Tot is your first stop on the adventure. Here is when to start, different weaning styles, and how to keep it neat!

Creative Play

Messy play lets your baby discover a huge variety of textures while developing essential hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Get inspired with our fun ideas!

The Latest & Greatest

We’re always up to something, and love to share our latest news, recipes, ideas, and content with other parents. Check out what we have going on now!

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